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Currently we are looking for New Scentsy Consultants. Recently, we have been contacted by several customers looking for consultants in thier local areas.

Would you be interested in becoming a local area Scentsy Consultant? Please consider joining Scentsy with us.

Is Starting a Scentsy Business Right for You?
Would you like to have more money for you or your family?
Do you value a rewarding career that allows you to schedule your own hours?
Do you care about others and want to make a positive difference in their lives?

If So, As a Scentsy Independent Consultant you can:

Earn over 30% on your personal sales
Receive bonuses of up to 9% on the sales of your entire downline (People who start a business with you)
Earn Hostess Rewards and get Free or Half-Priced Products that you can resale for 100% Profit
Work at your own pace without jeopardizing your current job or business.
And most of all, be your own boss while spreading the Scentsy Spirit and helping others achieve the same goals that you have.

Join Scentsy with us and we promise to:

Guide you through your first 70 days and earn a Sensational Start Award.
Teach you how to enter orders to get the most benefit from your party sales.
Offer you advice on how to sell Scentsy at Events and Shows.
Offer you 1 on 1 training as well as group Facebook training.
and much, much more.
We can only succeed if you succeed!

Are you ready to Join Scentsy with us?
Cristy and Jeremy Pacheco, Superstar Directors
Scentfrenzy LLC/Scentfrenzy Group

Here are some Team Testimonials:

Cristy, I could not be happier having you as my sponsor. When I first contacted you a little over a year ago, I was nervous and could not make up my mind. You never once pressured me into doing anything and allowed me to sign up on my own time when I was ready. This past year has been more than I ever thought it would be. Cristy and Jeremy, you are always there when I need something and respond to my emails quickly and I know if I need something immediately you are only a phone call away. When you send me random things in the mail, makes me know that I am not lost in the shuffle of all the higher consultants and you sincerely care about me succeeding. Thanks for all you do. -Kari Kossman, Lead Consultant

I love being on Cristys team!!!! She has been a great support to me. She is always willing and able to answer questions that I have. She really knows the ins and outs of this business. It helps to have such a knowledgeable up-line. She is a pleasure to be around and I feel she has become a friend. She got me started on the right track and has kept me going at times when I have felt like giving up. I feel very lucky to have her. She has provided ways for me to grow my business with events and shows and is always willing to help me find product for myself or my team. Thanks Cristy!!! You Rock!  -Lisa Kamp, Director

I was originally planning on joining under a consultant that I had met at a local fair, but something about her just put me off. I came across your website by chance ,and read all of the testimonials there and it seemed like the perfect solution to my quest. It has been a decision that I am very happy I made. The two of you have been an absolute godsend to me. If I had a question or needed anything, you were right there helping me. I truly appreciate everything that you two do for me. Thanks so much. -Courtney Walker, Cerified Consultant

When I first joined Scentsy, all I knew was that I loved the product and as a business student at the University of Houston I thought it would be a great experience for me to learn more about sales, management and leadership. Immediately after I ordered my Starter Kit, Cristy Pacheco contacted me both via e-mail and phone, and at this point I was pleasantly surprised to have a sponsor - such a friendly and motivated one on top of it! I joined the Facebook group Cristy has created and it has proven to be a wonderful way to learn more about Scentsy and the way other consultants do business. Cristy has sent me a very generous Scensty welcome package and I was able to try some of the Layers products for the first time at no cost - great for a consultant who is just starting out. Besides the initial welcome gift, I received great help and assistance on a question I had in regards to fundraising. Cristy gladly set up a phone call and I received helpful tips that put to use immediately. Another great strength of Cristy is her motivation skills - through material incentives, supporting words or simply her enthusiastic personality that represents Scentsy Success to the fullest. I feel like I could not have met a better sponsor than Cristy Pacheco and I would like to thank her in the name from all of us for being a dedicated Scentsy Director. Furthermore, I would like to thank Jeremy Pacheco despite never having talked to him directly. I know he supports Cristy 100 % and the e-mail that Jeremy sent about the Scentsy Convention showed my husband that Scentsy is not only for women - I am proud to say he is onboard and has sold more Scentsy Scent Paks and Scent Circles in one week than I have in three months! Go team! -Verena Conklin, Cerified Consultant

When I first started Scentsy I did not know much about it. Thankfully, Cristy has been there to help guide me at the times I got stuck. She answered all my questions within minutes, and was very patient with me. The Facebook page has also been a tremendous help. I read the post daily which answers a lot of the same questions I have, gives me ideas, and motivation to keep going. I am happy to be a part of this team. -Kindra DiGiacomo, Certified Consultant

Well first off I’ve been selling scentsy for about a month now. And I can honestly say I love it!!! When I first started Cristy sent me a little welcome pack which I greatly appreciated because it helped me figure out how too start up this little business too keep my customers from buying. I haven’t talked to Cristy as much only because I pretty much got the hang of how the whole ordering process and placing orders works. I would like to say Cristy has been very helpful if I do need her help all I have too do is call and if no answer leave a message and she calls back within the hour. So Crsity, I am very happy that you are my sponsor. Thanks for all the help you have provided me with !!! Thanks again for helping me place my very first order as well!!! -Denise Lara, Certified Consultant

I wanted to share my experience with my sponsor, Cristy Pacheco. I am a fairly new consultant but I have learned everything from my sponsor. Cristy keeps me up to date with her facebook page and emails. She really keeps the excitement going. Cristy keeps me up to date on everything that is going on with Scentsy. She makes working with such a big company feel like a small family business. I appreciate her love for Scentsy and her support. I highly encourage you to joing our team and be a part of the family! -Carrie Ludeke, Certified Consultant

I just want to say being new to Scentsy, I have been informed about so much just by your emails. This makes it very convenient for me, being I am a full time employee and have 3 kids as well. All my questions have been answered and in a fast and respectful manner. Being a part of Scentsy is a fun experience for me, especially since I love the product. That is the very reason I have started to sell Scentsy. The product sells itself. I could not have chosen a better sponser and I want to say I am very appreciative of all you do. The incentives are great, as well as your email updates. Keep that going and it makes for a fun and easy experience. Thank you! -Christy Pyle, Certified Consultant

Without your help I would not have had such a great start! In my first month I sold over $1,000. In my starter kit I recieved all the information I needed to get off on a great start, in simple enough terms that I didn not have to do extra research. Also, I am so thankful you sent extra stuff even after I recieved my started kit regarding the incentives to offer to customers sending extra money! Thank you guys so much! -Shelby Belt, Certified Consultant

I have been a Scentsy customer for a very long time! I have never bought from the same consultant twice. I either could not get a return call back from them or just never heard from them again. Every now and then someone would take up an order at work and I would buy enough wax to last me a while. I am a Mary Kay Skin Care Consultant and know how imperitive it is to keep in touch with customers. In November 2011 I had enough and went to the internet to purchase Christmas gifts from a random picked Scentsy site. After browsing the site, I came across a join page. I took a deep breath and decided to join on as a consultant. I did not take in consideration who the director would be at all. I know sales are based on consultant performance in the field, not who their director is. Cristy Pacheco turned out to be more than a random picked Scentsy girl. I received enough information with my kit and from Cristy to answer every question that I had.  -Lisa Roberts, Certified Consultant

I wanted to let you know I truely appreciate all the guidance you have given me ... You have answered EVERY question I have had in an very fast and professional manner.. I really did not think this would of taken off for me as fast as it did if it was not for the two of you (Cristy and Jeremy) answering my every question and guiding me in the right direction .. I truely appreciate everything you have done for me so far ...  -Theresa Metz, Certified Consultant  

My Personal Story:

My story starts in October of 2007.  I was visiting family in Utah and my mother asked me to join her at my Aunt’s house for a “Scentsy” party.   Not knowing what Scentsy was, I decided to go with my mother anyway…why not! As soon as I walked in the door, the smell was intoxicating.  I instantly fell in love with Scentsy and could not wait to show my husband.  I purchased the Perfect Scentsy Package and took it home to surprise him.  Here is what you should know about my husband, Jeremy.   He loves candles.  So much that we were frequent shoppers of the Body Shop.   You could say he is a candle aficionado. While enjoying our new product, my husband found the “Join Scentsy” page.  For him, he saw the opportunity to offer a product that we love while creating a small income to go with it.  So this was a no-brainer.   We signed up after reviewing all the documents and compensation plan.  Thus, the business began. In the beginning we booked small parties, small basket parties, and small local events.  Then we decided to move onto large fundraisers, large home shows, and corporate events.  But that was not enough.  We wanted to spread this product and opportunity to hundreds of people across this great country of ours. Today, we have created a large online presence hoping to help customers get their Scentsy fast with no hassles.  But most of all, we want to find new consultants that hopefully someday will write their own story about how Scentsy brought joy to their lives as it did for me.  Who knew a small party at my Aunt’s house would change my life forever.   Thank you Scentsy!

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